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Coronavirus (Covid 19) cases in World Live Updates


Click on a countries to get the active cases, recovered and deaths as well as district wise confirmed cases.

    • Call up your loved ones during the lockdown, support each other through these times.     • Do not panic! Your essential needs will be taken care of. DO NOT HOARD.     • Plan and calculate your essential needs for the next three weeks and get only what is bare minimum needed.     • If you have any queries, reach out to your district administration or doctors!     • Be considerate: While buying essentials remember : You need to share with 130 Crore Others!     • Panic mode : OFF! ❌ ESSENTIALS ARE ON! ✔️     • If you have symptoms and suspect that you are not well - reach out to your doctor or call state helplines.     • This will pass too. Enjoy your time at home and spend quality time with your family! Things will be normal soon.     • The hot weather will not stop the virus! You can! Stay home, stay safe.     • Going out to buy essentials? Social Distancing is KEY! Maintain 2 meters distance between each other in the line.